Apr. 29, 2011
Coffee Works
Voorhees, N.J.

The theme of trying new things continued at Dom's seasonal visit to the original Coffee Works. At each of the five long shows so far in 2011, either a new original song or a new version of an original song has found its way into the playlist. On this Friday night, "Not So Fast" debuted in the Blues set. An hour earlier, "Drink the Sky" got the harmonica treatment, totally on a whim (and, thankfully, it wasn't a disaster!).

- - Set 1 (FOLK) - -
Port of Call
Say Hi to Angelo’s
This Land Is Your Land (Woody Guthrie cover)
Making Good Time
Stowing Away on a Train
Wish You Were Here
Nancy Whiskey (Traditional cover)
The Song with the Cheesy Rhymes

- - Set 2 (ROCK) - -
Good Shepherd Sunday
Bright, Full Moon
Like a Rollin’ Stone (Bob Dylan cover)
Out of My Mind
Drink the Sky
Cold Pizza
Not Really
When I Get Back

- - Set 3 (BLUES) - -
Eight Bars of Blues
Blueberry Wine
The Thrill Is Gone (B.B. King cover)
Blow Away
Blue and Black
Cat Out of Water
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)
Not So Fast
Lost Along the Way

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