My daddy is a soldier. I don't know what that means.
I have a picture of him. His clothes are brown and green.
My friends in kindergarten ask me why he went away.
Me and Mommy look at Daddy's picture every day.

I am proud of him.
I am proud of him.
Mommy says she'll tell me more when I get a little older.
I'm proud of my daddy. My daddy is a soldier.

My son is a soldier. It's hard to watch the news.
It seems I mark the days he's gone by all the hair I lose.
It's easy to salute the flag for someone else's kid.
But this old man learned bravery, just like his boy did.

I am proud of him.
I am proud of him.
And now when people ask me, my voice is a little bolder.
I'm proud of my son. My son is a soldier.

My neighbor, Bill, took two weeks every year.
His wife and daughter stayed behind; he packed his reservist gear.
My kids would mow their lawn while he was away.
When Bill got back, we'd have them over and barbecue all day.

But one day, what was distant
Came knocking down our door.
Bill switched to full enlistment.
Two weeks became two tours.
Now the flag decal is fraying
From my window pane.
And I hear more folks are saying
That our side is to blame.

But, yeah, my neighbor is a soldier. He risks his life for mine
And for the lives of those who curse him and carry picket signs.
They say he fights for lies. I say they tell one, too.
Speaking up for guys like Bill is the least that I can do.

I am proud of him.
I am proud of him.
And at our last block party, I missed him at my shoulder.
I'm proud of my neighbor. My neighbor is a soldier.

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